O2 SOMRA Green Entrepreneurship Model

The second output is the heart of the SOMRA project as it is the manifested embodiment of the approach suggested by the partnership.

In the Green Entrepreneurship Model (GEM), the symbiosis of the need for civic environmental work and providing meaningful occupations for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees is presented in form of a highly visual handbook alongside successful strategies and step-by-step guidelines to become a green entrepreneur and NGO founder or member. An important part is the civic engagement and participation of migrant communities in grassroots activities and facilitating mutual beneficial interfaces between them and their host country through a common goal: fighting environmental challenges on local/regional level. The innovative approach of the SOMRA project is groundbreaking and has immense potential of improving local environmental situation as well as the settling down process and connection between migrant communities and their host community.

The Green Entrepreneurship Model is addressed primarily to the main target group of low-qualified migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and is therefore written in an accessible language (CEFR A2-B1). Secondly, the GEM will be a valuable resource for the other SOMRA target groups on regional level and beyond as well as anyone who wishes to engage in green NGO entrepreneurship and support the cooperation with migrant communities.

The Somra Green Entrepreneurship Model handbook will be completed by end of October 2022.

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