the GEM Mag

The Green Entrepreneurship Model Magazine includes Articles, Videos and a Key Fact Booklet to help push you forward on your path!

The main aims of the SOMRA project are to have a positive impact on the environment by inspiring migrant communities to act in environmentally friendly ways. The goal is to achieve this by enabling refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, in general, to engage in existing local environmental NGOs, volunteer, and maybe even found a new NGO which will address environmental topics. Getting involved in this way, can turn participating persons into environmental role models and, therefore, into true factors of change while providing them with meaningful occupations – not only while they are waiting for the advancement of their legal status in a new country, but also later.

The SOMRA Green Entrepreneurship Model (GEM) is one of the main outcomes of the project. It consists of three main parts:

  • This Practical Handbook is full of facts, examples, strategies, and calls for action, directly aimed at migrant communities to guide them through the process of participating in an NGO and, eventually, founding their own organisation. The handbook focuses on sustainability and more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • A Key Facts Booklet containing the main ideas from the full handbook.
  • An Online Media Library which offers a wide collection of Green Lifehack videos, testimonial interviews, and the SOMRA documentary.

The Green Entrepreneurship Model highlights the importance of creating meaningful occupations for migrants in their new countries and combines this with the civic need of environmentally active people. Through the handbook’s collection of strategies and step-by-step guidelines to become a green entrepreneur and NGO founder or member, the Online Media Library’s Green Lifehack videos, personal engagement and participation of migrant communities become enhanced and facilitated to work towards a mutual, crucial goal: fighting environmental challenges on local/regional level.