Green Entrepreneurship

Τhere is an emergent call for business to address climate change, thus the term ‘green entrepreneurship’ was invented to direct new ideas to find solutions to the worlds greatest natural problems. In this article we look at the definition of this term and following with an example to better understand how it works.

Civic participation and involvement with the NGOs

Civic participation involves many voluntary activities such as gardening, voting, and participating in other group activities. Civic engagement has been associated with physical and mental health benefits. It can help improve mental and physical health and fitness and to build relationships within the community, enhance language skills, and provide peer support.

Founding and sustaining a green NGO

Before founding an NGO, many things need to be considered and the matter well researched. A clear objective may be the most important. Sustaining an NGO similarly requires careful planning and building the right relationships.

Green NGOs — get involved

This article presents how people with migration backgrounds can find information and be involved with Environmental (Green) Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in 6 specific European countries (Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, and UK). Specifically, here, an attempt is made to examine a) the general steps for finding information about ‘Green’ NGOs; b) the basic guidelines of how to set up an NGO; c) how people with migration backgrounds can involve with Green NGOs and d) their main challenges and barriers towards these efforts. 

From Ideas To Actions

This article will help you to find ideas and to bring them to life. 

Identifying Environmental Challenges

The European Union has identified the primary environmental challenges facing us today, some of these include:
• Soil erosion leading to topsoil being lost and reduced crop yields
• Biodiversity loss resulting in a rapid decline of species in recent decades
• Deforestation which decreases forest areas lost to other uses such as agricultural croplands, urbanisation, or mining activities

Developing individual strategies to tackle local environmental challenges

The Leave No Trace strategy aims to encourage responsible outdoor recreation through education and partnerships.
Joining a community clean-up group in your local area can improve the litter situation in one’s locality, while encouraging taking responsibility for the environment
Bee hotels are a simple and cheap way of improving pollination and biodiversity in your area.

Somra Online Media library

SOMRA DIGITAL MEDIA LIBRARY This is a collection of sustainability and green hacking videos that will allow users to:
● watch videos on one of the major challenges of the 21st century - climate change
● have access to around 60 green hacking videos
● contribute to the project by sharing your own strategies, green hack videos and testimonials
● watch a short documentary about the SOMRA project