O1 SOMRA Holistic Study Report

The SOMRA project aims at providing meaningful occupations in the eco-sector for low-qualified migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as the latter are often prohibited from accessing the regular labour market until they gain a work permit in their host country. The main idea is to support these target groups enhancing their employability by participating in green NGO activities and eventually taking it a step further and found their own NGO using the IO2 Green Entrepreneurship Model developed by the SOMRA partnership.

In order to reach these objectives, the SOMRA partnership requires in-depth data on the situation of low-qualified migrants, refugees and asylum seekers related to labour market access, legal obligations and restrictions, and supporting structures in the partner countries. This will allow the partnership to tailor the following intellectual outputs to the specific needs and regional conditions, thereby ensuring a great impact of the SOMRA results.
Furthermore, the partnership will investigate the necessary steps and frameworks for founding an NGO in their country as well as applying and receiving funding and furthermore provide an overview of crucial points of contact as well as suitable networks among regional NGOs dealing with similar environmental issues.

The Holistic Study Report (IO1) lays the fundament of the SOMRA project and intellectual outputs IO2 and IO3.

However, this is only one purpose of this output, because the results obtained will not only benefit the implementation of the SOMRA project in general, but will also contribute to the evolution of the migrant support sector as it provides the staff with a new approach and comprehensive information to take action.

The SOMRA Holistic Study Report will become a reliable reference document for migrant support workers, adult educators for low-qualified migrants as well as policy makers and additionally for any persons interested in engaging in environmentally friendly NGO work.

This output is expected to be available by the end of June 2021.

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